Occupying the kitchen means living with gestures, vivacity and enjoyment.
It means choosing tastes, colours and flavours: Guzzini opens up a world of style and smiles every day.

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Belle Epoque

“Belle Epoque”是意大利文,意思是美好的時間,一個柔合了古典及傳統元素的系列, 是一個可能你從未想像過的GUZZINI全新系列。Belle Epoque系列並非一個Guzzini全新的方向及概念,而是代表了GUZZINI一直以來努力經營的品牌理念: 設計出日常物品來增添家的美。Belle Epoque系列是一個美的概念,從該系列的每一件產品中便可看到『美』是源於人的理念,完全扭轉了Guzzini過往的美學原則,亦定了以“迎合人的需要”為品牌發展目標。

Amazing! A few would have expected Guzzini to create a collection with clear formal references to classics and tradition. Belle Epoque is not the begining of a new course, but rather the best expression of the long standing brand's mission: to design everday objects to adorn houses. Belle Epoque casues the concept of beauty to shift from the aesthetic principles of Guzzini, shared by all its products, to a people's idea of beauty, for the brand's proposals to suit the needs of the public.


“Aqua” 是拉丁文,意思是水,設計理念源於水面被微妙風吹起了一絲絲漣漪的情景,因此Aqua系列是以 水的晶瑩通透 及優雅的漣漪紋理 作為設計原素。如要把泛起一絲絲漣漪的水活現在Aqua系列中,必須採用特有的色調微調技術,是一種超高難度的生產技術,是Guzzini其中之一個表現最出色的生產技術。

Aqua is a collection of objects with a rippled surface, as water undulated by the wind. Transparency acquires peculiar nuances, showing a reality deformed by fantasy. Melville was right when speaking of the human wonder at water.


Vintage系列是用來代表意大利設計及Guzzini產品發展的一個重要里程碑。 60年代起,意大利設計被視為『創意』,並開始受世界瞩目。一些新原料的發現大大提高了塑膠的可塑性再配合塑膠特有的重現性,使塑膠用品能廣泛地應用於不同家庭裡,該重大發現令日用物品的種類更多元化,更令大家的生活、家中每個角落,怎至一張桌子都充滿著色彩。

The 60s saw Italian design become creative and embark upon the path of worldwide fame. New materials were discovered, and plastic, thanks to its reproducibility, enabled design to become democratic and enter all houses, enhancing everyday objects, transforming and colouring life, homes and tables.


兩位每時每刻都形影不離的Guzzini日藉設計師利用了一個對任何人來說都代表著愛的符號 ,來創造出 LOVE 系列。Guzzini設計師創造出一顆充滿現代風格的紅,並很用心把它融入每一件LOVE系列的家居擺設及物品中。在眾Guzzini系列中,LOVE是最佳的送禮之選用來表達你對收禮者的一份愛。

Two Japanese designers, together both in life and work, have developed this collection from a universal symbol, the meaning of which encompasses different cultures and peoples, without changing its message: LOVE. A red stylised heart, a shape tuned into decorations and objects by Guzzini. LOVE collection: a catalogue rich in suggestions for those gifts whose meaning may be what matters the most.